• To safeguard, preserve and contribute to the Maronite culture and
  • To collect, archive and preserve written and visual documents and
    records on the Maronites and to make these resources available to the
    public and scholars
  • To promote the Maronite cultural heritage through research, education
    and community engagement and to highlight its importance to the World
    Cultural Heritage


The Maronite Cultural Center will serve as a conduit to spread and to
invigorate the Maronite culture and heritage through social, cultural
and scientific activities across the Maronite communities in the world.
The MCC will organize conference and seminars aiming to highlight the
history of the Maronites, and spread knowledge about their cultural
impact in Lebanon and the region. The MCC will actively collect and
archive books, written manuscripts, films and other form of
documentation on the Maronites. It will host a library (electronic and
physical) to display and archive these documents and make them available
to all those interested in learning about, or researching the Maronites.