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The general bureau has the decision making power in coordination with
the administrative board.


  1. The general bureau is composed of all the members who are duly
    affiliated to the association and have paid their annual subscription
    fees. However, the trustees may be called to the meetings of the General
    Assembly without having the right to vote or to run as candidates.
  2. The administrative board shall draw up a list of the affiliated
    members who have paid the annual subscription fees and who make the
    general bureau and shall publish the list at least 15 days prior to the


  1. The president of the administrative board shall preside over the
    meetings of the general bureau, otherwise by the vice-president.
  2. The oldest member shall preside over the meetings of the general
    bureau during the sessions held for the election of the administrative
    bureau, otherwise, by the most senior member.
  3. The resolutions shall be adopted by the majority of the relative
    votes of the members unless it is stated otherwise.

Financial Income

  1. The association’s financial income consists of:
    1. The members’ subscription fees.
    2. The government subsidies and those issued by public or private
      institutions, whether national or international.
    3. Donations, aids, gifts, testaments and likewise.
    4. Sponsorship and holding of events, conferences and other social,
      cultural and religious activities.
    5. Any other legal resources.
  2. The association disburses its funds in order to achieve its goals.

Management of the Association

  1. The association is composed of the following bodies:
    1. The general bureau.
    2. The administrative board.
    3. The trustees.

The composition, tasks and functioning procedures for each of the bodies
are specified in the bylaws according to its regulations and the
applicable laws.

Composition of Committees and Bodies

The bylaw of the association includes the composition of ad-hoc and
specialized committees and bodies and shall specify its denominations,
tasks and the selection and appointment procedures of its members.

Membership and Affiliation to the Association

  1. Anyone wishing to become an active member of the association must:
    1. Have attained the age of twenty.
    2. Enjoy all his civil rights and is not convicted of a felony or a
      heinous crime.
    3. Consent to the association bylaw and work towards its goal.
    4. Anyone meeting the membership conditions shall submit to the president
      of the association a request declaring his wish to become a member of
      the association.

Composition of the Administrative Board

The administrative board is composed of five members to be elected by
the general bureau by secret ballot and for the quorum of the election
session to be attainted, the session must be attended by more than half
of the members of the general bureau who have paid the annual
subscription fees, three months prior to the due date of election.
Should the quorum not be attained, another general meeting shall be
convened after one hour, provided that the election is proceeded with
regardless of the number of members present at the meeting.

The term of the administrative board shall be for five years that may be
renewed by election.

The election session is administered by at least three members (the most
senior among the non-candidates) of the general bureau and the elections
shall be supervised by a delegate representing the Ministry of Interior
and Municipalities.

Holding of the Elections of the Administrative Board

The Political and Electoral Affairs Department – political affairs
department, parties and associations at the General Directorate for
Political Affairs and Refugees – must be provided, at least one month
prior to the due date, with a copy of the notice of election of the
administrative board which shall specify the time and place of election
and the elections of the administrative board must be held at least one
month prior to the end of term of the administrative board. The security
authorities located in its area shall also be notified of the place for
the election of the administrative board members.

Distribution of the Tasks of the Administrative Board

The Administrative Board shall convene under the presidency of the
oldest member. The tasks shall be distributed among the members by
secret ballot according to the bylaw.

Term and Tasks of the First Administrative Board

  1. The Administrative Board shall carry out its tasks for one year as
    from the date of securing the authorization for the notice of
  2. The constitutive board shall complete the procedures of the
    association constitution and call for the election of an administrative
    board within one year from the date of publishing the notice of
    acknowledgment at the official gazette.

Amendment of the Regulations

  1. The articles of association or the bylaw may be amended:
    1. Upon proposal of the president of the association.
    2. Upon proposal of half of the members of the Administrative Board.
    3. Upon proposal of one third of the members of the general bureau,
      registered in the list of members and who have paid their subscription

The general bureau shall be convened in accordance with the bylaw, and
the amendments shall be adopted by two thirds of the votes of the
general bureau members who have paid their annual subscription fees,
three months prior to the amendment due date.
The association must inform the competent authorities of any amendment
brought to its articles of association and bylaw, and such amendment
only takes effect after approval of such authorities.

Winding up of the Association

  1. The administrative board may suggest the winding up of the association
    unanimously or with 50% of the members of the general bureau.
  2. The quorum shall not be deemed attained unless with the presence of
    75% of the members of the general bureau registered in the list of
    members and no winding up resolution may be adopted unless with the
    unanimous approval of the 75% of the members of the association.
  3. f the winding up resolution is adopted, the general bureau shall name
    one or more persons to liquidate the association’s assets. The net
    assets shall be granted to the “research and documentation center of the
    Maronite Patriarchate.”
The association shall comply with the supervision committee appointed by
His Eminence the Maronite Patriarch, composed of two bishops and which
shall have as powers:
  1. The veto right in amending the articles of association and bylaw and
    in the resolution of winding up the association and the acceptance of
    new members.
  2. The prior approval for any cultural activity and for the publication
    of any printing or cultural or religious materials.

The association shall commit to submit to the Maronite Patriarchate a
comprehensive annual report of its projects and its administrative and
financial situation.